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March 23, 2020:


Dear Clients of Mountain Midwifery Care,


Thank you for your patience as we try to provide the best care possible during this time. The College of Midwives of Ontario and the Ontario Ministry of Health have mandated that we only provide essential care at this time. We have made a few small changes to our clinic plan in order to limit in-person interactions.


 For scheduled in-person visits, your midwife will call you at your appointment time. Please wait in your car. We will start the visit over the phone to answer questions and check in on your current health. For the last 10 minutes, you can come up to the clinic for a brief in-person assessment.


If you are using public transit or if you don’t have access to a cell phone, please let us know when we are in touch to plan your appointment.




Week 10 – Initial visit  – Telephone visit.  We can review your health history and organize lab work and ultrasounds need to be arranged. Please plan for 1 hour.


Week 16 – In person visit. We will listen to the fetal heart rate, take your blood pressure. Any labs that haven’t been done yet can be done at this time.


Week 20 – Telephone visit. We will review all lab work done to date and also review the results of your 18-20 week ultrasound.


Week 26 – In person visit. We will measure your symphysis-fundal height. We will check your blood pressure and the fetal heart rate. We will give you a requisition for gestational diabetes testing and give you the pre-registration package from the hospital.


Week 30 – Telephone visit. We will review lab work, discuss fetal movements, and discuss signs and symptoms of preterm labour.


Week 34 – In person visit.  We will measure, listen to fetal heart rate, and take your blood pressure.


Week 37 – In person visit.  We will measure, listen to fetal heart rate, and take your blood pressure. We will offer a GBS swab.


Week 39 – In person visit. We will offer a cervical exam and stretch and sweep. We will measure, listen to fetal heart rate, and take your blood pressure.


Week 40 – In person visit similar to week 39.


 Week 41 – In person visit if needed.  We will discuss the need for induction of labour, and organize this as required.




First Week: Two home visits


 2 Weeks: Clinic visit. Call from the car/parking lot for discussion, then bring up baby for a weight check.


 4-6 Weeks: Clinic visit (final visit) . Call from the car/parking lot for discussion, then bring up baby for a weight check. Pap tests will be delayed unless there is a pressing reason to have one done.


You can still reach us by the pager number for urgent concerns.


We hope you are all keeping well both mentally and physically during this unprecedented time!


From all of us at Mountain Midwifery Care


Updated Letter to clients from Mountain Midwifery Care


March 22, 2020:


To reduce community transmission of Covid-19 while still providing safe care, we recently received guidance from the Ontario Ministry of Health and the Association of Midwives asking we carry out some of our prenatal and
post-partum visits over the phone.  If, during the phone visit, we feel an in-person visit is needed, we will arrange one. We will also have shorter in-person visits, and ask that you come to your visits alone if possible.


Updated Letter from Obstetrical Care Providers - St. Joseph's Health Care Hamilton


March 16, 2020:


Letter from Obstetrical Care Providers - St. Joseph's Health Care Hamilton


March 15, 2020:


Dear Clients of Mountain Midwifery Care,


We’d like to take this opportunity to communicate with you about plans we have made to continue to provide safe care during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Your health and our health are the top priority at this time. The midwives will follow all employee health guidelines regarding self-isolation if they are at risk of COVID-19 or screen positive. This may mean that your visit or birth will be attended by a different midwife.


If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath, please follow the advice of Hamilton Public Health and call the COVID-19 Hotline at 905-546-2424 ext. 7970 to see if you qualify for testing. Do not attend your clinic appointment but call ahead and we will discuss what to do next.


In-person clinic visits:

Starting this week, we will follow what other midwifery and physician clinics are doing and limit the risk of exposure by having you come to clinic less often. To guide this decision, we are using the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on the number of prenatal appointments for a positive outcome. This includes: One visit in the first trimester (we will book initial appointments for 10 weeks), two visits in the second trimester at 20 and 26 weeks, and then more frequent visits in the third trimester at 30, 34, 36, 38, 39 and 40 weeks.


Phone Assessments:

We can achieve a lot over the phone including answering your questions, informing you about relevant topics related to pregnancy and birth, arranging ultrasounds, sending prescriptions to the pharmacy, and ordering bloodwork. We will plan to book phone appointments at 15-16 weeks to bridge the gap between 10 and 20 weeks and to ensure that all laboratory and ultrasound reports have been explained. If you would prefer a phone assessment over an in-person visit for any of your other scheduled visits, please let us know.


Our clinic space:

On Monday March 16 we will be removing all the toys and magazines from the waiting room to reduce the number of objects that are touched, and to make cleaning easier.

We will continue to wipe off surfaces in the clinic room in between clients, and, as always, wash our hands or use hand sanitizer in between clients. We ask that you also use hand sanitizer when you arrive for your appointment. Please limit the number of people who come to the clinic for your appointment. We would appreciate children remaining home if possible.


Our Hospital, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton:

The Birthing Unit is equipped with the items required to care for pregnant women with COVID-19. The isolation room has a special filter, and all health care professionals will use personal protective equipment such as a gown, mask, gloves, and face shield to provide care. If a pregnant person develops more severe symptoms, her care could be moved to another area of the hospital in close consultation with other physicians.

The hospital has initiated strict visitor limitations. You may have one person with you during your birth and postpartum stay. That person may be with you at any time of the day or night. Children, including siblings of the new baby, are not allowed to visit the hospital at this time.


Home Births:

We will continue to offer choice of birthplace. Home birth can be a great way to keep mothers and babies out of the hospital, however, we need to be certain that every person requesting a home birth is a good candidate for home birth (ie. low risk of complications). If any household members are sick or have screened positive for COVID-19, midwives will not be able to attend you at home and will request that the birth occurs in the hospital where there is a supply of masks and gowns.


Continuing Updates:

There are changes happening every day as the pandemic is evolving. We are hopeful that the measures taken by the Canadian government to reduce travel, close schools, and cancel large events will slow the spread of COVID-19 and allow the healthcare system to properly care for those who need it. We will do our best to keep you up-to-date as time goes on.


We know it can be stressful to deal with situations like this, especially while you are pregnant or have a new baby at home. Our hope is that you remain healthy and calm in the weeks ahead.




All of us at Mountain Midwifery Care




Summary of things that you can do at this time:

• Practice social distancing – avoid crowded places and unnecessary travel.

• Wash your hands, try not to touch your face, and reconsider hugging and handshaking

• Avoid contact with sick people and stay home when you are sick. Cough or sneeze into your shoulder or arm.

• If possible, come on your own to your clinic appointments to avoid extra people in our waiting room.

• On arrival to our clinic, clean your hands with hand sanitizer.




Hamilton Public Health COVID-19 Hotline: 905-546-2424 ext. 7970


Public Health Ontario


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